People Called Me Crazy…But I’m up almost 100% on $FB

I remember the day I published my last post. People called me crazy for thinking that $FB could rally above $40 a share. People said that Facebook would never reach it’s IPO point, ... Continue Reading →

Update On Facebook…And Why I’m In For The Long Haul

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about how I was buying Facebook shares at $25…and hopefully riding them up to around the $32 area. Well, my thesis has changed and I am now in for ... Continue Reading →

Could Facebook Be A Buy At 25?

Facebook has been one of those stocks that has really pissed people off. Everyone naively thought it was going to be the next Google and make them millions overnight. Oh how foolish ... Continue Reading →

Start Trading In Your Zone

We’ve all it experienced it at some point in our lives, and some may or may not have found it in trading: The Zone. To me, being in the zone means that I have total focus, my ... Continue Reading →

Why I’m Bullish On Samsung

I want to start off by saying that I’m a huge Apple ($AAPL) fan and I’ve been using Apple products, and only Apple products for a long time. The iPhone, Macbook, and iPad ... Continue Reading →

Start Doing More Of What Works

Sometimes we tend to overcomplicate things in our life. We look for the next book that will change our lives, the next guru who has the answer, or the next product that will make ... Continue Reading →

Casual Friday #3

Each week I pick a main theme to focus on for my life, and this week I asked myself this question: How can I be as productive as possible while keeping things simple? Sometimes the ... Continue Reading →


While google happens to be one of the most powerful companies in the world, it seems they lost the race in social networking to facebook. Now they are desperately trying to catch up ... Continue Reading →

The Brokers I Use For Forex

For some reason people are very secretive about what brokers they use to trade. I have no idea why but recently I’ve been getting asked what I think the best broker for forex ... Continue Reading →

Casual Friday #2

My young speculative mind found some awesome stuff on the web this week. Let’s Raise Our Kids To Be Entrepreneurs ➔ TED Talk By Cameron Herold An awesome fitness website with ... Continue Reading →