People Called Me Crazy…But I’m up almost 100% on $FB

I remember the day I published my last post. People called me crazy for thinking that $FB could rally above $40 a share. People said that Facebook would never reach it’s IPO point, ... Continue Reading →

VC 101: The Path Of Least Resistance

I love investing in web 2.0 startups. As a micro VC and former head of an internet startup in my college days I am always on the lookout for exceptional companies. That being said, ... Continue Reading →

It felt good to take a couple day’s off…but I’m back!

All professional traders know that trading is largely a mental game. I don’t think I have ever met a successful trader that said it wasn’t. That being said, I experienced what ... Continue Reading →

$EURUSD Trade Results

Today we finally broke the correlation between the $EURUSD and the $ES_F. I have to admit that I was a little thrown off by the way it traded today as U.S. markets tumbled, only to ... Continue Reading →

Announcing the start of the “Trade For A Living Podcast”

I formerly ran a website called, where I interviewed many successful traders on how they became professionals. I am proud to announce that a private buyer has bought ... Continue Reading →

Today’s Day Trading Strategy for $NZDUSD and $EURUSD

With all this Greece drama and the financial U.S. markets not being able to make up there minds, day trading seems to be the only thing working right now, and lots of opportunities ... Continue Reading →

$XIV – Good risk to reward play

I just got into a position of $XIV as it was screaming at me to buy. The velocity shares daily inverse vix is showing some great risk/reward opportunities right now. As of today this ... Continue Reading →

To trade the news, or not trade the news…

One thing I always find interesting with some traders are their unwillingness to adapt their strategy to a BIG news announcement. To further clarify, when something like what is currently ... Continue Reading →

It’s time to be patient

Sometimes the best thing you can do for your trading is just be patient. When I first started trading I found that I wanted to be in a trade all the time, and I found myself taking ... Continue Reading →

Never second guess yourself

I just closed a very profitable trade in the $EURUSD only to watch it go my way even more the second I closed the trade. We have all done this, and at times I find myself second guessing ... Continue Reading →