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How To Enjoy Life

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day at the Oregon Coast, and before I turned my laptop on I decided to go out onto the balcony and snap a photo of the view. I came back in, grabbed ... Continue Reading →

Neural Network Trading

I’ve been researching this idea of neural network trading for some time now, and I must say it’s pretty interesting. If you don’t know what a neural network is I’ve ... Continue Reading →

How To Start Building A Trading System

Whenever I talk with newer traders the biggest question I get asked is, How do I get started in building my own trading system? So I decided to make a visual drawing of how to start ... Continue Reading →

Casual Friday

I don’t ever open up any new positions on Fridays due the fact that the markets close and volume dries up after 9 am EST. If I have to manage a position I will, but other than ... Continue Reading →
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My Creative Ecosystem

This post was largely inspired from Michael Bigger’s book How Traders Achieve Creative Flow, specifically chapter 11 on what Michael calls Building Your Creative Ecosystem. To ... Continue Reading →
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What Is Your Edge?

Out of every single trader I have ever interviewed I found that they all had an edge with their trading methodology. It didn’t matter what market they were trading or what time-frame, ... Continue Reading →

I’m A Money Management Addict

“Traders and investors spend all their time in search of the ultimate trading method. They have no clue that the road to stock market riches ultimately lies in sound money management” ... Continue Reading →

A quick note on why I love trading

I remember the day that my trading addiction set in. I was in high school watching Wall Street. Gorden Ghekko was my idle, making hundreds of trades, screaming buy, buy, buy, and taking ... Continue Reading →

VIDEO: Top 7 Trading Quotes

Feel free to post more awesome quotes below! Continue Reading →
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How To Become A Bulletproof Trader

“You need discipline, patience, and courage. You must have a willingness to lose, but a strong desire to win.” -Gary Bielfeldt I keep this quote above my trading screen ... Continue Reading →